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We would love to hear your stories and experiences with handyman services by ALA Enterprises. Kim Ala is highly recommended for his attention to detail and pride of workmanship. 

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Previous Testimonials

5/29/2015 Carolyn F.

 "Attention to detail and pride of workmanship are evident in every project, large or small, that Kim as done for us over the past 9 years. With his excellent problem solving ability, he gets to the root of an issue and fixes it.
Kim is a caring person and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend his services."  

Diane M.

 "Kim and Sean come highly recommended. I felt comfortable with them. They set me up with an architect who would totally redesigned my house. The house was taken down to the exterior skeleton, and the floor plan was completely redone. My house now has new plumbing, electrical, ducting, siding, windows, roof, gutters, insulation, and sheet rock. ALA Enterprises added a lot of design enhancements, thanks to Kim, Sean, and the architect for the fine work!

With all projects of this magnitude we had rough spots too. I resided at the house while all this was going on. Kim and Sean did all that was necessary to our goal.

I am extremely pleased with the results! They exceeded my expectations!

Thanks for Everything."

5/7/2015, Debbie B.

 "ALA Enterprises has done 3 big jobs, and some smaller jobs for our family. Kim built a beautiful deck 25 years ago, and it is as strong as the day it was built. We wanted something we could go outside and have privacy from our neighbors, yet still enjoy the outdoors. He delivered exactly what we asked for.

We also had both of our bathrooms remodeled ten years ago. They are now elegant and practical. He maximized the space in each room, and designed them both. He really did a nice job.

Most recent he completely remodeled our kitchen. He took out a wall, and opened the kitchen up adding counter space and a counter that wraps around providing more places to sit, eat, and entertain. It has added much value to our home; We love what work he has done for us.

Just let Kim know what you want done, and if it is possible, he will do it, and do it well. He is very talented, has many years of experience, and does an excellent job. Des Moines, WA."

5/4/2015, Janet B.

"Kim, is an excellent contractor, we are so pleased to have found his services. He finished our family room/ music room in our 100 year old home. Nothing in this old house is straight from years of settling from earthquakes to just time. He managed to not only sound proof the room but also to shore up all of the pony walls to protect them from earthquake damage. The real kicker is how beautifully he finished all the detailing – from the wood trim surround on the windows to the two new doors that he installed all of which he personally stained perfectly. Our “new room” is simply exquisite and everyone who has seen it has agreed that Kim is truly an artist. It has been our distinct pleasure to have found someone so excellent at their craft and so reasonably priced. Truly a gem. Seattle, WA " reviews handyman testimonials

5/5/2015, Melissa S.

 "Kim is an awesome contractor! He is very professional and can count on him to do quality work. He has a great sense for detail. We have had the pleasure of Kim doing various jobs for us over the past several years, including remodeling our main bathroom. We love our bathroom and highly recommend Kim. Seattle, WA


 "When we needed our toilet fixed we decided to go with ALA Enterprises instead of the usual plumbing company. They did an awesome job and came out right away to help us. They were priced well and completed the job quickly! PROS: Fast!,  CONS: none ."

4/30/2015, Gail J.

"I was introduced to Kim Ala in the middle of January 2015. I started working for Kim as his admin person very soon after I met him. He is one of most sincere trusting persons I’ve ever met. I have met a few of his happy customers and seen his quality work. They are all extremely pleased with his fairness and quality of work in a timely manner. Kim is capable of doing most all jobs requested, big or small. If he can’t do the work he is honest and will recommend you to right person, if needed. Every client is treated professionally. Kim will treat you like you have known him all your life! " reviews handyman testimonials